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As you know, “list posts” have become very popular recently. If you are a lover of lists, is a site you'll enjoy. is a search engine that leverages social networking elements such as tags, comments, and voting. also allows users to create and share sites about any topic.

What is is a list engine completely managed by users. Thanks to new web 2.0 technologies like Ajax, Ruby on Rails, and typical social networking elements like Tagging, Voting and Commenting, lists and items are proposed and organized in a friendly and easy to use style.

What is a list?
A list is basically a collection of ordered items. You can create a list, other users may change the order of the items, others may want to specialize your work because they think they could do better. Once your list is submitted to the system, people can use it, add items, vote items, order them or ignore the information if its not interesting. Some example? A list can be a Top 100 the best Ruby on Rails tutorials, the best restaurants in Rome, the best Bordeaux wines of the year 2000.

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