HiTask is My New Favorite Organizer

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I have been between organizing systems for a little while. I've tried a bunch of things: Google Calendar, Stickies (the built in Mac program that makes little Post-It notes), and a few easily forgettable PIM software apps. I've used Backpack in the past, and a few of the various To-Do software products that so many readers of Lifehack.org write or support.

But my new favorite is HiTask. Advertising

First, it's clean and shiny. Second, it's a web app. Third, it's got drag-and-drop functionality that takes away most of my typical complaints about organizing software (that it's too much of a bear to use easily). Then comes the cool stuff. Advertising

  • Projects-You can group by project, so that takes the basic “to-do” and gives me a project-level application. Usually, I get one or the other. In BaseCamp, everything's project-centric. In Tadalist and several other to-do apps, there's nothing (simple) to let me group things into projects.
  • Friends- If your friends or colleagues want to join HiTask, you can drag and drop tasks and reminders and other items onto their icons and immediately assign them tasks (or do group tasks).
  • Useful Calendering- I mean to say that some calendering software is just too annoying. This is pull, drag, shape, and move-around simple. It feels very “slick,” if that means anything. And it exports an iCalendar feed. Now, if only my Google Calendar would accept that feed. (does it?)

I haven't used HiTask long enough to determine if I think it's going to work for me in the long term, but right out of the gate, after messing with it for 30 minutes, I really like what I see. Give it a shot. Advertising

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HiTask- [I saw it on Download Squad, who credit Mashable with finding it. Call it a group finding.]


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