Expiration Dates for 77 foods, beauty and household products

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      Real Simple have put together a compilation [based on information from experts] of the more unknown expirations for a range of edibles and non-edibles around the home.

      Even the most productive person has a rogue jar of something that's kept it's place in the fridge for longer than expected. Check over the list to see if it's still good.

      • Steak sauce - 33 months (After this time, color or flavor may be affected, but product is still generally safe to consume.)
      • Tabasco - 5 years, stored in a cool, dry place
      • Tea bags (Lipton) - Use within 2 years of opening the package

      Quite an exhaustive list that goes into beauty products, household cleaners and even drinks. And they have the nerve to assume I'll leave beer lying around, unopened, for longer than 4 months!

      Surprising Expiration Dates - [RealSimple]

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